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Just when it seemed that the Verne Troyer abuse imbroglio couldn't sink any lower, his ex, Ranae Shrider, drops a new bombshell: the diminutive actor used to attack her dogs with his reaching stick! Says Shider's rep, Holly Bannon, to Us Weekly:

Bannon tells Us, "the only abuse that ever occurred in their household was that of emotional abuse inflicted upon Ranae and her dog Lacy on the occasions when he hit Ranae and her dog with his 'reaching sticks' or kicked them when having one of his drunken rages.

"This alleged abuse certainly has not seemed to affect his recent round of interviews or his golf swing over the weekend. Is this not the same man who is renown as a professional stuntman in all his movies?"

Did Troyer take his own cries of, "Pick on someone your own size!" too literally, venting his romantic frustrations on the canine caught in the crossfire? Until forensic detectives comb over his walking stick for evidence, we may never know — though we'd advise that tattling bitch Lacy to avoid bathtubs until this whole matter gets settled.