The Corporate Jet Exodus: Travelers Joins the ListCitigroup isn't the only financial services company seeking to sell off its lavish corporate jets as the economy heads south. We've learned that the insurance giant Travelers (which, coincidentally, was once part of Citigroup) is heading down precisely the same path and put its Dassault Falcon 900C up for sale in just the last couple of weeks. The price? It's listed for $27.5 million, although keep in mind that it comes with "custom-patterned carpets" and the interior is finished with black nickel. The jet is currently located at Connecticut's Bradley International Airport and a local brokerage, Guardian Jet, LLC, is handling the sale. You can see what $27.5 million gets you—and read about how many satellite phones and microwave ovens come with the purchase—after the jump.

Travelers' Dassault Falcon 900C
Price: $27.5 million
A few photos below; click here for the full brochure

The Corporate Jet Exodus: Travelers Joins the List