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Wow, whatever happened to piercing your own ear with an old needle and cork and contracting septicemia? Today's teenage girls aren't even content with run-of-the-mill razor-slashing: They are cutting their skin and embedding things inside their bodies. A group of radiologists performed a study on ten girls ages 15 to 18 and removed 52 foreign objects, including metal needles, metal staples, metal paperclips, glass, wood, plastic, graphite pencil lead, crayon, and stone. Among eleven other things, one girl had "an unfolded metal paperclip more than six inches in length" removed from her. (We're guessing her high school doesn't have a metal detector.) We sincerely hope the girls in the study can now break this strange habit and focus their obsession, like normal, healthy adolescents, on undead creatures who suck young human blood.