Now that gangster heir John "Junior" Gotti has been arrested by the feds once again, how will his three nephews-stars of the reality show Growing Up Gotti-support themselves? CollegeOTR reports that middle son John is in college somewhere, and young diet book author Frank has had some troubles with drugs. That means the family's big hope is 22-year-old Carmine Gotti, who's trying for a career in hip hop. He's signed on the Ruff Ryders label despite the fact that he sounds like he was just taught how to rap last week by somebody who, themselves, did not know how to rap. You can listen to two of his blazin' hot tracks here, both of which concern how much he would enjoy getting to know you, girl. Would you like to see a few of C. Gotti's publicity photos that are prime candidates for inclusion in the Guide To Young Italian-American Male Stereotypes? Click through, then!