Last week's episode of The Two Coreys was the source of much consternation over here at Defamer HQ. While we'll never know if the Haimster and Felddog will be able to make amends after their friendship-crushing throwdown (that is, until A&E greenlights Season Three), the episode spurred our own Molly McAleer to spend her lunch break sprawled out on lawn somewhere in K-Town postulating which Corey was truly at fault for this epic breakdown. But, as some of you noted, Susie Feldman escaped Molly's rant virtually unscathed. Tonight, all that changes. Enjoy!

· Conor Oberst at the Troubadour.
· Peanut Butter Wolf at Cinespace.
· Maya Rudolph and Fred Armisen at Largo.
· Jon Lovtiz at the Comedy and Magic Club.