· In honor of Pineapple Express opening tomorrow, we thought we'd further promote mind-alteration with this trippy Hanna-Barbera anti-drug PSA, best enjoyed after a delicious bowl of psilocybin-and-MDMA cobbler. [Attack of the Show] · Wesley Snipes' Totally Fucking Insane Tax-Avoidance Trial of the Century yields another blow for the embattled action star: He must reimburse the government the $217,000 it cost to prosecute him. [usatoday.com] ·The whole Zack and Miri Make an NC-17 Porno ratings publicity gambit is playing itself out pretty much according to script. [AP] · Fly, balloons! Fly far, and free! Take our messages to the ends of the Earth! [b3ta.com] · We'll admit to being totally obsessed with the flatulent-frosting goings-on over at Cakefarts, but if you'd like to partake in the cakey awfulness without being subjected to something quite so graphic, Cake Wrecks provides a safe-for-the-whole-family alternative. [Cake Wrecks]