Former Apple employee sues because Steve Jobs made him work too hard

Former network engineer David Walsh worked at Apple from 1995 to 2007 before finally realizing that when the company tags "senior" on to the front of your title, it doesn't mean much except for more work. Now he's suing Apple for violating California's labor laws. In a complaint filed in the Southern District of California, Walsh alleges Apple requires employees to work more than 40 hours a week or eight hours a day, but refuses to pay overtime and instead just "promotes" employees to new overtime ineligible titles. Apparently Walsh also had to be on call for seven day stretches every six weeks. Weblogs Inc. and Mahalo founder Jason Calacanis would urge Walsh to drop the suit, get out of tech, and find work in a post office. We're just happy to report finding another job to add to our list of tech's very worst. (Photo by philentropist)