You know those handy online calculators that purport to tell you exactly how much any website is worth, were it for sale? They're the type of thing that bloggers use so they can brag that their blog is "worth" many thousands of dollars in a parallel universe. All these things are pretty blunt instruments, but Mental Floss found one called that is very bad. Don't like our assessment? Why don't you just buy this entire website for $1.1 million, then? In reality, that won't even cover the value of a single Montauk Monster post. But oh, it gets even more ridiculous:

  • Google: WebsiteOutlook value: $1.2 billion. Market cap: $153 billion.
  • Daily Candy: WebsiteOutlook value: $112,000. Just sold for $125 million.
  • WebsiteOutlook value: $75 million. Market cap: $33 billion.
  • Ebay: WebsiteOutlook value: $134 million. Market cap: $33 billion.
  • Mediabistro: WebsiteOutlook value: $459,000. Sold for $23 million. Then again, [joke].

[via Mental Floss]