Brought to you, as always, by commenter MisterHippity. Take it away, Hip: Greetings, fellow livebloggers! At the moment, I'm contemplating a photo I took last month of July 4 fireworks, which I am using as inspiration as I write this piece. The camera moved just as I snapped it, so it came out all blurry, but I've decided that makes it artistic, and therefore better. So if my post this week seems a little unfocused and scattershot, that's intentional - my picture inspired me to write it this way. So here are some scattered, fuzzy thoughts from me before we all get underway with our "commenter liveblog" of tonight's episode. First, a recap of a few things we learned last week: · You don't have to be straight to wear a wife-beater. · Sewing your own clothes while watching Project Runway "lends a sense of urgency and panic to your own project" (as commenter Gecko informed us). · Apparently, none of us knows what "white charmeuse" is - but judge Michael Kors knows "white Charmin" when he sees it. And here are a few things I suggest we watch for as we liveblog tonight: · False drama! Last week, Keith's model dropped out! OMG, what would he do? Answer: Put his dress on a different model. Who could have guessed? Watch for more gripping false drama this week! · A previously ignored designer suddenly getting lots airtime. Usually, this means that this designer will either win this week or (more likely) go home. So if we suddenly see a lot of the black dude with the hat (for example), don't be surprised if the episode ends with Tim Gunn sending him upstairs to clean out his space. · Designers ignoring Tim's advice. Last week, all of the bottom-three designers made this mistake. It seems they never learn: You do what Tim tells you. If Tim tells you to "holla atcha boy," you do it. And if you don't have a boy, you find one and start hollering at it. OK gang, that's enough hollering from me - let's get this party started. Maybe if we top 1,000 comments tonight, Lifetime will really sit up and take notice!