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There's really no gentle way to put his, so we'll just cede the podium to Star magazine for the latest news involving Shia LaBeouf's injured hand:

Doctors have told Shia LaBeouf they may have to amputate one of his injured fingers, Star has learned exclusively. The young star, now working on Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is likely to lose the pinky on his left hand, a source on the movie set says.

"Shia called producers yesterday and told them," the source on the set in Alamogordo, N.M. says. "It's really thrown the movie into turmoil."

We love how the source is big enough to see this digit-loss tragedy from multiple points of view, including the logistical nightmare it presents for Transformers 2's continuity editors. If CGI can turn an 18-wheeler into a walking, talking robot, however, and return the rainforest to Sienna Miller's Brazilian, we're confident little digital appendages can also be achieved. Seriously, though, Shia—sorry, man. That sucks. But we'll still be happy to pay the $9 bucks—one per finger!—it costs to check out Fallen at the Vista on opening weekend.