...thousands of once illiterate detainees have learned how to read and write. Hundreds more are now studying math, science, geography, civics, Arabic, and English and learning carpentry, bricklaying, and other skills that may enable them to feed their families after their release. They play soccer and Ping-Pong, visit their families, pray, and debate how to accurately interpret the Koran they can now read for themselves.

...after monitoring and assessing the detainees, his team began separating the hard-core Al Qaeda and other militants from the 80 percent or more who had joined the insurgency simply to feed their families or because they had been threatened into cooperating.

The story is built around quotes from the major-general in charge of the prison, his friend/subordinate, a military flack and the major-general's superior officer. Arthur Sulzberger must be so proud of how Miller has bounced back!

[Reader's Digest via Huffington Post]