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A Yahoo tipster who sat through a webcast of the company's annual meeting lets us know that Brad Williams, Yahoo's vice president of corporate communications, was actually caught on video sleeping during the shareholder powwow. Hey, look, all those open letters from CEO Jerry Yang and chairman Roy Bostock don't write themselves, and now that barbarian shareholder Carl Icahn has been mostly placated with a board seat bribe, let the man catch a few winks, kay? Anyone who sends us a copy of the footage wins some kind of prize — such as not having to report to Williams or communications chief Jill Nash ever again. Full account of the continuing reorg and napping spokesmonkey after the jump.

Speaking of endless reorgs ... hallway chatter is that the PR team is undergoing a reorg that has already sent one to another business unit ... and the replacement is a ninny.

Jerry, when are you going to get rid of Jill Nash and the new flack Bradford Williams? Did I mention that Bradford Williams was shown SLEEPING during the annual meeting? He should be FIRED. A group of us tuned in to the webcast couldn't believe it, and we know it's him because he's in Kara's video post where she calls him out by name.

Props to VW if you can find the footage, since someone out there must have taped it...

And you wonder what's wrong with Yahoo?!!!!!