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Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, and in a recent case at least some of that wrath is being directed at Google. Seems the managing director of Google's operations in Latin America, Gonzalo Alonso Pérez-Verdía was transferred to Buenos Aires by Google, and brought along his wife Mariana Alvarado Castillo and their two sons last July. Less than a week later, Pérez-Verdía found a new lover (pictured here) and demanded a divorce. As part of the resulting settlement, Pérez-Verdía agreed to pay alimony from the well over $2 million a year in earnings according to tax statements. But after three months and one check for $55,323.47, Pérez-Verdía has apparently stopped paying.

He's now in Argentina apparently beyond the reach of Mexican courts, and appeals to his superior, Asia-Pacific and Latin America operations vice president Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, have fallen on deaf ears — with a gag order about the case in effect, to boot. While obviously Castillo's version is only one side of the story, her rage makes it clear that someone is shirking their responsibilities. And if Google isn't garnishing Pérez-Verdía's paycheck, then the company is complicit in a father's abandonment of two children.