At last night's party for C-list gays, "Angels and ___," we hear that this website offended model/socialite/heiress Lydia Hearst-Shaw by referring to her as a "pseudo-heiress" the other day. Our spy Jory reported, "We ran into Alan Rish, publicist for Lydia Hearst, who was very nice but almost immediately jumped on us for yesterday's Open Caption. 'She's super cool,' [he said of Lydia]. 'She usually doesn't mind that stuff, but yesterday it got to her. I mean, 'Faux Heiress', what does that mean? She's not a faux heiress, she's a real heiress! I don't understand why you would say that!'" Yes, but... a real heiress wouldn't be so insecure about her social status. (Her mother's married name is Patricia Hearst-Shaw—so Lydia publicly—and conveniently—drops the unglamorous "Shaw.")

This just in: Lydia wrote us—and you—a letter!

From: Lydia Hearst-Shaw Date: August 7, 2008 2:02:39 PM EDT To:
I do not care what you say about me. I am a fan of Gawker! I think you guys have a very clever site with a witty take on celebrities, gossip and current events. I understand that people enjoy to read the negative articles about public figures and indulge in hiding behind an anonymous account and blog posts. Honestly, I'm surprised that anyone takes so much time out of their day to comment. I have a sense of humor when it comes to everything that is written and do not take any of it personally. Let's just clear a couple things up... I hope that by now you do realize that the situation with Aubrey was a scene for a film I have been working on between NYC and LA by director/designer Tara Subkoff for the new BeBe collection out this fall (remember ). I have a boyfriend. Also, there is absolutely no feud with the Hiltons. And as far as my name, let's get one thing straight - My legal name is Lydia Hearst-Shaw, professionally I am known as Lydia Hearst. Just so everyone is aware, the decision to use Hearst was made by my agents years ago when I began my career in modeling - course I have made this quite relevant is multiple interviews in the past. I love my family and they are more important to me than anything else in this world. And, I do love Gawker, so keep up the good work and enjoy the rest of summer. Lydia