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Well, it seems as though the SharkDevouringKittenGate scandal that swum up and bit Pineapple Express on its opening day (quick review: the T-shirt James Franco wears throughout the entire movie is accused of being a WOWCH label design from three years ago) has done little to scare moviegoers from these waters, as Nikki Finke is reporting the movie has taken $10 million yesterday; that's some kind of August record, she suggests vaguely while waving away thick clouds of ganja smoke and trying to look like she's enjoying the party. Approached for comment on the wardrobe controversy, meanwhile, Pineapple star James Franco had no patience for the allegations, telling the NY Daily News, "That's ridiculous...We completely created that shirt and that shark. David wanted me to wear a purple Monterey Bay T-shirt with a whale on it. I said I wasn't into the whale shirt, so he came up with his own design, which was the shark."There—all settled. We haven't seen this much fuss over a T-shirt design since VoteForPedroGate, when a City of Industry town hall representative accused the producers of Napoleon Dynamite of decal plagiarism. Frankly, we're more interested in the exchange that followed, when two hot chicks interrupted the interview:

Girl: You look familiar. Franco: I dunno. Have we met? Girl: I saw you on screen an hour ago. Franco: On the street? Girl: No! On the movie screen! You were in the movie we just saw! Girl 2: I loved it. I'm [Name redacted]. Girl: I'm [Name redacted]. It's a pleasure to meet you. Franco: Hi. I'm James. Girl 2: Where are you from? Franco: Well I'm moving here to New York City very soon ... Publicist (interrupting): You know girls, this is the Daily News right here ... Daily News: Give me two seconds, and then you can tell him everything that you ever wanted to. Girl (grinning widely): Like all my favorite sexual positions? Franco (turns to the Daily News and smirks): I'll borrow your tape recorder for that!

The starstruck admirer then went on to describe for Franco how she most enjoys copulating holding a Shark-Eating-Kitten pose she learned in Hatha Yoga class—an intricate two-person posture in which the larger and stronger of the pair "devours" the smaller, fluffier one from behind.