Gossip Girl Actor Demands More MoneyOh Chace Crawford, you greedy, hopefully gay prat. The Gossip Girl looker, who plays pampered rich boy Nate Archibald, has left ICM for CAA, hoping that their stable of high-powered, wicked agents can get him a bigger salary for the laughably stiff (ohhh) acting he does on the low-rated CW (hardly even a network!) show. He's looking for a "substantial raise," according to well-vetted hearsay. A substantial raise? From "here kid, now you're famous and we'll pay you a few thou while we're at it" to what? How much more could a glorified My First Twink™ blow-up sex doll expect? Maybe his next project, the sure-to-be smash hit The Haunting of Molly Hartley will solidify his place in the pantheon of forever-famous pin-up pretty teen-soap boys. Like Shane McDermott. You remember him, right?