· There's an art to gorging on a casino buffet dessert station, and YouTube's Feeder-Scene Queen Deidrababe is going to walk you through it, blondie by blondie. Deidra: You have a standing offer to do premiere spread reviews for us. [Deidrababe's YouTube Channel]
· Well, it seems someone heard our appeal to reason in the Trade Roundup today: Variety is reporting Brad Pitt has signed on for Inglorious Bastards. Pitt. Novak. Roth. The Weinsteins are back! [Variety]
· As Playgirl publishes its last hard edition, a gallery of some of their greatest covers. We know we've rubbed many a one out to Alan Thicke's sensual mullet and the sultry divorce-porn of Kramer Vs. Kramer. [GiggleSugar.com]
· Lil' Kim's karaoke party ends in the bludgeoning death of both a woman and at least one performance of "Don't Stop Believin'." [AP]
· Hey, look everyone! It's the new Quantum of Solace poster! [RR]