Paris Hilton Reveals Campaign Platform: Line of T-Shirts at Kitson

Some things are simply too fragile for this world, and so it goes with our newfound toleration for Paris Hilton. After building up unexpected goodwill with her on-point McCain rebuttal, Hilton has immediately moved to quash the memory of those kudos with a mercenary cash grab: she's rushing out a line of "Paris for President" T-shirts (to be sold exclusively at Kitson, natch). E's Marc Malkin has more on this flagrant abuse of the campaign finance system:

"They'll probably be a women's T-shirt and one for men," a source tells me. "They're hurrying to get them out as soon as possible."
"If Paris wears one, they'll sell huge," my source predicts.
Though we'd hoped the socialite's makeover was Change We Could Believe In, it now seems it was nothing more than another broken promise from a politician. Is there truly no candidate we can trust, no advocate untainted by the foul stench of money? What next, Paris: a reversal on FISA ?