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Sean Avery may be spending a lot more time in New York in the near future: Hockey's preeminent bad boy has been cut loose by the Dallas Stars just 23 games into a four-year contract. [NYP]
• Jennifer Aniston was supposedly so desperate to have a boyfriend during the promotional tour for Marley & Me that her camp started "shopping for potential dates." [P6]
David Paterson was not at all pleased with the impression of him on SNL this weekend. [NYP]
• Naomi Watts and Liev Schreiber had a second son on Saturday. [People, E!]

• The Daily Mail reports that Guy Ritchie and Madonna are burying the hatchet and spending Christmas together in England. [Daily Mail]
• Judith Regan is vowing to sue Michael Wolff for writing unflattering things about her in his book about Rupert Murdoch. [R&M]
Scarlett Johansson says UK's Cosmopolitan "wholly fabricated" her quotes about Ryan Reynolds in its January issue. [E!]
Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick are throwing an inauguration party in the West Village, although you're probably not invited. [P6]
• Kate Moss cancelled her holiday trip to St. Tropez because boyfriend Jamie Hince doesn't want her partying so much. [Daily Mail]
Jeff Zucker got Tina Fey to do her Sarah Palin impression in front of New York's Democratic caucus, even though she looked "incredibly uncomfortable." [NYM]
• Are Leighton Meester and her boyfriend, Sebastian Stan, "secretly" engaged? [P6]
John Catsimatidis' daughter Andrea is dating Richard Nixon's grandson, Christopher Nixon Cox. [P6]
• Amy Winehouse has been "looking after patients and serving meals" at her London rehab clinic so she doesn't get kicked out. [The Sun]
• Now that she's been laid off from Steve Cohen's SAC Capital, Billy Macklowe's wife Julie is starting a firm of her own. [P6]
• Sam Talbot has gotten married to his girlfriend, model Paola Guerrero. [Us]
• Newly-single Bill Murray was spotted "acting very cuddly" with actress Carice van Houten last week. [P6]
• Tom Cruise says he wants to reprise his role from Tropic Thunder. [MSNBC]
• Billionaire Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen is supposedly recovering from heart surgery. [R&M]
Pulp Fiction screenwriter Roger Avary has been charged with vehicular manslaughter. [Daily Star]
Mario Batali paid $20,000 at a charity auction for a lunchbox designed by Michael Stipe. [NYDN]
• ABC Entertainment president Steven McPherson is so upset about the network's ratings that he's started "stress-eating" and can't stop "gorging himself." [P6]
• Heard much about Tara Reid recently? Perhaps that explains why her rep has announced that she's checked herself into rehab. [P6, People]