Last Sunday, the New York Times wrote about Chinese couples getting married on 8/8/08—their lucky day 'cause it's a lucky number. And of course the Beijing Olympics start on that day for the same reason, WE KNOW. Today, they do the weddings article again (not, this time, written by Jennifer 8. Lee.) However, there is a fun bit that reveals that getting married on this auspicious day isn't bliss for everyone:

"Li Lei, 23, had dragged his girlfriend, Sun Haiping, 29, to the bureau but when they got to the top of the stairs, she was overcome with doubt. "But it's such a special day," Mr. Li pleaded. She stared straight ahead. After 10 minutes of back and forth, they stood up and marched into the registrar's office. But when they emerged with their certificate and their Olympic poem, there was little joy in their expressions"

17,000 Choose an Anniversary to Remember [NYT]