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It's the luckiest day of the century (for most of us at least). Dress to the eights and open your weekend with a some friendly non-Olympic competition. Tonight, the Regency is hosting the National Finals for the US Air Guitar Championships. 25 synthetic strummers battle for the right to thrash all the way to Finland. The games don't stop on Saturday. Join in on Linux's open source demo fest, "Picn*x 17", or head to the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco for a mind bending day at the "Puzzle Party." If you're still feeling groovy on Saturday night, celebrate "life, love, and...the Internet" with DISQUS and SNAPTALENT. The "Overdue Office Party" starts at 8:30 p.m. in their Howard Street digs. And Sunday wash off the hangover and "Confess Your Technology Sins" at Yerba Buena's Galley One. Reverend Praba Pilar, of the all-mighty church of Nano Bio Info Cogno, preaches about a God we can all believe in: tech. Blessed be the iPhone. (Photo by Brett L.)

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