Ask yourself one question: Do I feel lucky? It's the luckiest day of the century (for most of us at least). Dress to the eights and open your weekend with a some friendly non-Olympic competition. Tonight, the Regency is hosting the National Finals for the US Air Guitar Championships . 25 synthetic strummers battle for the right to thrash all the way to Finland. The games don't stop on Saturday. Join in on Linux's open source demo fest, "Picn*x 17" , or head to the Chinese Culture Center of San Francisco for a mind bending day at the "Puzzle Party ." If you're still feeling groovy on Saturday night, celebrate "life, love, and...the Internet" with DISQUS and SNAPTALENT. The "Overdue Office Party " starts at 8:30 p.m. in their Howard Street digs. And Sunday wash off the hangover and "Confess Your Technology Sins" at Yerba Buena's Galley One. Reverend Praba Pilar, of the all-mighty church of Nano Bio Info Cogno, preaches about a God we can all believe in: tech. Blessed be the iPhone. (Photo by Brett L.)

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