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Sarah Lacy, the columnist whose pearl necklaces and resistance to insults I've always admired, explains to U.S. News & World Report how to use Facebook to "fire up your career." Yet she graciously avoids bragging about how she used Facebook to catapult herself to stardom. Lacy's personal assistant is just getting started on the job, so we thought we'd help out:

  • BusinessWeek, Lacy's former employer, doesn't think her freelance columns deserve space in print. But she can drive traffic to the online-only columns by appealing to her Facebook fans. Just keep repeating: Nobody reads magazines anymore.
  • Facebook's what-are-you-doing status updates have encouraged Sarah to ditch traditional journalistic modesty. Summary of her U.S. News interview: "I I I've I'll I mine me I was jogging one day and I happened to run into this guy and he was telling me about this new company. I have an assistant."
  • Using Facebook's powerful promotional tools, Lacy has boosted the Kindle edition of her book to the #1,397 spot on Amazon.
  • Lacy was chosen over all other journalists on Earth to interview Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg at mankind's most important gathering, the South by Southwest conference in March. Thanks to Sarah's Facebook-like interview style — "Sarah Lacy is now friends with Mark Zuckerberg" — those who were there still haven't stopped talking about her.

(Photo by Andrew Feinberg)