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· New Line is developing a movie about Parkour—"a free-jumping extreme sport in which agile practitioners run and jump from rooftops." Set to star is Channing Tatum, who'll play a self-taught rooftop-jumper who falls for a beautiful, classically trained Parkourist from the other side of the tracks. Several thousand copycat deaths to follow. [Variety] · Maverick Films president Mark Morgan is splitting with partner Guy Oseary, and rebranding the studio under the new name Imprint Entertainment, though we prefer the sound of Pooped My Corset Productions. [Variety] · Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless have been hired to write the Flash Gordon remake no one has been clamoring for since Dino De Laurentiis's gay-acid-trip take on the material in 1980. [THR] · 24 EP Carlos Coto has paired with Brett Ratner for Wild Boys, an action-comedy pilot about Iraq war vets turned suburban dads. [Variety] · Russian bodybuilder and action star Alexander Nevsky—this man—will play Hercules in a $12 million production, eventually going on to become America's first completely incomprehensible Russian President. [THR]