Well, we had a staff drinks party on Friday night and more than a few of us, who cover dating columnist Julia Allison for no small part of our living—she's become to bloggers what Britney Spears was to the Los Angeles paparazzi, twenty percent of their business—found it difficult to tear ourselves away from the topic of the baffling new website Allison has started with her two friends, Nonsociety. "What is the product?" I asked. Obviously reality TV and the Internet have conflated to make fame completely post-product, no singing or dancing required. I don't even know why I spend time thinking about this—it's like a disease. And I think I figured it out.They'd like to think that they're Sex and the City, but it's simply another version of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, the surrealist cartoon starring a self-aggrandizing, loud milkshake, a stupid-funny childlike meatball, and a semi-intelligent box of french fries. (You wonder, though, why Frylock wastes his time hanging out with the other two.) I'm just saying: match them up. Just match them up. (And keep guessing re: Carl.)