George W. Bush has been celebrating the twilight of his disastrous presidency by seemingly spending the entirety of 2008 overseas. Right now, as NBC constantly reminds us, he's in Beijing, enjoying the Olympics. Also with him is internationally beloved teddy bear war criminal Henry Kissinger! (Read on to learn why this is yet another example of how terrible NBC is.)

We thought it had been a while since Kissinger had left the country, because every time he tries to go to Europe someone threatens to put him in front of a tribunal, but there he is in China, happily napping. Of course Kissinger is a dear, dear friend of China, and has been ever since the Nixon administration. China is a fantastic example of Kissinger's particular brand of international relations at work-the markets are free, and in another couple decades maybe the invisible hand will stop all those human rights abuses. In the meantime, let's do some business!

NBC's resident China expert, analyst Joshua Cooper Ramo, has spent a lot of time crowing about how wonderful the Chinese government is. Cooper Ramo, as you won't learn on NBC, is a partner at the Beijing office of Kissinger Associates. Whee! [Harper's, Guest of a Guest]