Man who paid $999.99 for useless iPhone app gets money back The most important software development of our time — Armin Heinrich's $999.99 "I Am Rich" iPhone app that did nothing but display a red gem — "was written pretty much as a joke" reports the New York Times , which is not amused. In a story headlined "Many Fail to See the Humor in ‘I Am Rich’ for the iPhone, " the paper ruins all our fun, reporting that of the eight people who paid full price for the App , two — including a man who after accidentally buying the app wrote an angry review of it that is now widely available on the Internet — have successfully appealed to Apple for a full refund. The Wall Street Journal , describing Heinrich as an example of "some developers" who have "run afoul of Apple," reports an Apple spokesperson said the company removed I Am Rich from its store after a "judgement call." “I did not expect many people to buy it and did not expect all the fuss about it," a too modest Heinrich told the Times . “I regard it as art." Us, too, Armin. Us too.