You know how you are always saying to yourself "What the world needs now is a website… that would devote itself to chronicling the entertainment industry"? Well, another half million venture capital dollars has found a home trying to do that under the great helmsladyship of ex-New York Times Hollywood reporter Sharon Waxman. So now it's a trend, this "internet as representing some sort of future for the media" thing! Because Tina Brown told us last week her plans for internet moguldum involve a new website called the Daily Beast, and Bonnie Fuller confirmed she was starting her own new website a few weeks before that, and while Waxman is not, like the two other media divas, internet retarded — she has a blog! — she is a lady, and as with the other two we hope her venture, The Wrap LLC fails because we're sick of having new sites we're supposed to check on the internet.

No seriously, we actually wish Sharon, who hopes The Wrap will be the Politico of the entertainment industry even though there are already innumerable trade publications plus Nikki Finke serving that role and hello, entertainment is actually a tiny and shrinking sector of the American economy that really does not deserve as much attention as the federal government, marginally more success than we wish the other two ventures, because Bonnie Fuller is the mustard gas of American brain cells and Tina Brown's Beast sounds like another Huffington Post, which, you know, is a lovely site and all, but…do we really need more? (No.)

Why does everyone have to start new stuff all the time, anyway? Would it really be so radical for one of these broads to go work for something that already existed? Or even SOMEONE ELSE??

Full disclosure: I know Sharon sort of, because when I lived in LA I went to a party at her house one time with this old friend of mine, Evan Wright. Fittingly, Sharon had met Evan while writing a story about his internet startup, which was naturally some sort of porn company. At the time Sharon was frustrated at the Washington Post in part, I was told, because she liked "hard news" and politics and the Middle East and spoke Arabic and stuff, and also maybe because she was a little on the pathologically sloppy side. Meanwhile Evan was transitioning out of porn and into a magazine career that has since yielded two National Magazine Awards for and the much-acclaimed HBO series show Generation Kill. All of which is to say: nice job, both of you, you could be doing this.

Which is to say, hi guys! This is my first Gawker post. I'll be covering the media and ideas, which is to say, Nick Denton's ideas about the media. I am open to all venture financing I can receive via PayPal.

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