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Robert Scoble did in fact capture some footage of John Edwards's mistress, Rielle Hunter, back in 2006 when flying with the campaign's blogger party plane. The problem: All of the tapes are property of PodTech, the videoblogger's former employer, so all he can release are the still images, like this one of Hunter seated with Edwards.The accidentally historical shot is among those circulating on the AP wire, he told Valleywag this morning: "I never in a thousand years thought I'd be witnessing a scandal. But I don't really care about the sex part of it." Except he does. Scoble says he and others on the blogger plane, like Andrew Baron of Rocketboom, are glad the affair is out in the open now — and not just so they can flog their photos: "We're all disappointed that he took such a risk with the presidency in the balance." Despite his past support of Edwards, said Scoble, "I'm really happy he wasn't nominated. If he was the nominee right now, it'd have handed the election to McCain." We're not normally fans of tech bloggers turning into political pundits, but Scoble's analysis is spot-on. (Photo by Robert Scoble)