When we last checked in with Sunset Tan's paragons of peroxide, The Olly Girls, they were in the process of being shitcanned from their jobs at the most prestigious tanning salon ever shown on basic cable television. But as the old saying goes, time second season storyboarding sessions heal all wounds. Or do they? After wearing Pauly Shore's patience thin and subsequently being fired from their positions as his bikini-clad housecleaning staff, Holly and Molly —or is it Molly and Holly?— decided to band together in an attempt to win over the leathery overlords who control the business that made them (marginally) famous last year, Jeff and Devin. Rather than going the Al Gore route and pulling together a PowerPoint presentation to showcase the value they can add to the business, the ditzy duo decided the best approach to getting their prestigious jobs as Sales Associates In Training back would be to break out their Crayola markers and start plotting out the X and Y axes on what they called their Happiness Chart. Talk about thinking outside of the bun!While we won't know until next week whether or not The Ollys were successful in their attempt to reclaim their rightful positions as the ultraviolet heirs to the Sunset Tan empire, we're fairly certain that the E! Network's promotional Olly blitz — see their Battle Of The Basic Cable Stars competition video below — means that good things are in store for the blonde bobbleheads. After all, there is only one thing that's more important to the team that runs Sunset Tan than moving a few extra cases of Banana Boat: getting renewed for Season Three. Click to view