Britney Spears Breaks Silence For OK!

  • Britney Spears gave her first sit-down interview in two years to OK!, which will publish its piece Friday. The singer also made some fairly charming promos for the MTV Video Music Awards with show host Russell Brand, the British comedian.
  • Billy Joel's wife had the gall to try and approach Gwyneth Paltrow at a Hamptons fundraiser and didn't even make it past the front door to the house where Paltrow was hanging. You can blame Calvin Klein's ex-wife for the whole sad situation. [R&M]
  • Scarlett Johansson is threatening to make another album, but only after the actress directs her first movie, so you can exhale now. [Showbiz Spy]
  • Angelina Jolie doesn't mind grabbing a role intended Tom Cruise, especially if it means she gets to play a CIA officer running from false charges of being a turncoat. [The Insider]
  • Donald Trump will thank you not to try and his exploit his good name for your stupid law practice or whatever. And he's pretty sure you're wrong about the legality of such behavior. [P6]
  • If you want to come to Playboy Mansion parties, you damn sure better be ready to have your picture taken, because — hint — Playboy is a magazine. Otherwise, you're liable to be thrown off the premises by five security guards. Jason Statham has just learned this lesson. [P6]
  • Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon's honeymoon involves a party in Sagaponack and a farm in East Hampton. [P6]