New York's Daily Intel has a great little roundup of all the crazies (and not so crazies) who fell into the orbit of Miss Rielle Hunter, the lady who bedded John Edwards and then had a miracle baby with some other guy, mysteriously. They include: Robert Philip McGovern, the "spiritual healer" who arranged the meeting between Edwards and Hunter at the Hilton last month (you know, where the Enquirer photogs were). And Pigeon O'Brien, one of those "friends" of Hunter's who keep contradicting her story to the press. And the guy who keeps sending Hunter $15,000 checks every month. Not because Edwards told him to, mind you! Just because, you know, he feels like it, ok? Get off his back. But leave it to Us Weekly to discover the best and most bizarre Hunter connection yet: Rielle Hunter appeared in the movie Overboard. Fucking Overboard! The insane Kurt Russel/Goldie Hawn movie in which Hawn falls off a boat and then gets amnesia and Kurt Russel pretends she's his wife to teach her a lesson, or something. And Rielle Hunter is in this movie, credited, according to Us, as Lisa Hunter. Someone please find her scene on YouTube? Or something? She is "Grant's Girlfriend."