He was skeptical at first, but polite (he said he'll never turn down a friend request because he didn't "want to be a dick"). The person was persistent, and somehow connected him to a woman who was, actually, his sister: Turns out his dad had fathered a number of different children by a number of different women: "My sister, another sister, then another brother...I have a family I never knew anything about." I reached Cenac via Facebook, (where he proved the easy touch promised and added me immediately), and confirmed the numbers: "It's 3 brothers and 1 sister (possibly 2)."

Cenac is probably not looking to milk his new family for profit, and judging from his YouTube channel and Daily Show performances is not wanting for good material. But it's worth noting that "long-lost siblings reunite via MySpace" is one of the few good premises for a sitcom not already driven into the ground. It would also work for a reality show!

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