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We can't be certain it's the real Olivia Palermo who set up a YouTube account recently under the name "OliviaPalermo." But we're also not sure there's anyone else who would have gone to the trouble of creating a "highlight reel" of the young socialite's appearances on The City (which doesn't even debut until December 29th), along with pics of her posing for photographers and showing off the pretty dresses she's worn to various events over the past year—all set to the tune of Lady GaGa's "Beautiful Dirty Rich." The more likely scenario: Palermo's just getting ready to capitalize on the media attention that will inevitably follow when the show debuts on MTV next week. The video was uploaded yesterday and it's Palermo's first production, but we're looking forward to many more self-promotional vids in the coming weeks. Maybe it'll even land her top billing on a show of her own in the near future! The video is after the jump.