Olympics were a little slow last night, mostly because the Americans didn't fare all that well. Boo. But these blind items are very exciting! And patriotic! The one about the British pop singer has her doing drugs and stuff, so that just makes us over here look better. And the other two, about a career-mad fake lesbian actress and a virgin, just show America's can-do attitude. Do your civic duty and read them after the jump. 1) "Which supposedly clean-cut UK pop star has let her coke problem spiral out of control? She is said to be spending £1,000 a week on her nasty habit." [Mirror] 2) "How do you try and revive a career that only you want revived? Well, in Hollywood this year you can either get pregnant, or do what this C list film/B list television actress that I love to hate is going to do. Become a lesbian. Yes, you heard it here first. This actress is going to loudly dump her boyfriend and start dating a woman simply for the publicity. Forget about the days of hiding the fact you are gay, this actress has it all lined up. Instead of paying someone to be a beard for you, this actress is going to take some of her fast dwindling cash and pay someone to be her lesbian lover." [CDaN] 3) "I honestly didn't believe it the first time I heard this about a month ago, but when I heard it again yesterday, I started to believe. This actress is C list. Used to be on a hit network television show. Now she does films. Definite B list name recognition. Long term boyfriend who everyone assumed she was bearding for. True? Who the hell knows. But, this is where it gets even more interesting. Despite the fact that she is one of the most desired women in Hollywood and radiates sex, it turns out that our actress is actually a virgin. Going to remain one until she is married which is why she actually enjoyed bearding. Guess her relationship prior to that was all about fighting the guy off." [CDaN]