Maybe the reason the upcoming fall shows seem so unpromising is because we really don't know anything about them. Variety reports today that television critics and marketing executives alike are grumbling about the networks' extremely slow pace in sending out screeners and cobbling together promo clips. That's why we've been seeing the same damn Kath & Kim clip over and over again ("come in if you're sexy!") The strike, of course, is to blame. Because of the 100-day work stoppage, no one had enough time to film full pilots to screen for critics at summer press tours, when eyes are usually first laid on the new shows. "Half of the press tour was a waste because we hadn't seen the shows," a critic for the Newark Star-Ledger said. "I can't imagine writing a single thing based on any of the panels for NBC's new shows." Some hastily picked-up shows are also doing 11th-hour reshoots, like ABC's Life On Mars, which is being promoted with a few clips from the old pilot. That was shot and took place in Los Angeles. The new pilot is filming in New York. "It's a big challenge for us," said Alphabet marketing exec VP Mike Benson. "I've never had a situation like this fall where I don't have a show's pilot yet." It's big ol' mess, none of which bodes well for freshmen shows which rely on thorough marketing blitzes to attract any type of viewership. And now that's all been impeded. By writers! They're the most powerful people in the world! And they also sort of shot themselves in the feet!