Click to viewKevin Rose, the Casanovative founder of Digg, is concerned about the effect that all his whizbang gadgets are having on precious Gaia. He proposes that the heavenly father of the Jesusphone, the almighty Steve Jobs, develop an "iPower" system to monitor a home's electrical system. When your iPhone's GPS detects that you've left the house, the AirPort base station would trigger relay switches in power outlets around the house to shut off, saving precious joules from being wasted — something that a number of other companies are already developing, Rose readily admits. That's not a problem: Like all of Rose's ideas, this one involves someone else doing all the work. My only concern? Considering all the fecund females who've been associated with Rose over the years, it's only a matter of time before this dream becomes a reality — and then an awful nightmare. Because what happens when Robot Steve Jobs is given complete control over your home?