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Will the economy get any better in 2009? Will Barack Obama see the U.S. through the most challenging political and economic climate in a generation? And what will happen to Britney? Fortunately, the Daily News has all the answers, which it obtained from the only people willing to hazard guesses about any of these things: they contacted a bunch of local psychics.

A clairvoyant named Serena Stanley predicts the economy will worsen by "five percent" in 2009, while a more optimistic Christina Ambrosino argues the housing market will actually improve this year. Wendy the Psychic predicts Britney Spears will reunite with ex-husband Kevin Federline in 2009, but only "briefly" before she ends up having another breakdown and gaining lots of weight.

"Celebrity psychic" Judi Hoffman (who says she predicted Eliot Spitzer's downfall) says Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson will stay together "if they make it past a big fight in the spring," although somewhat disconcertingly, she also predicts one of Obama's daughters will have a "sweet, young romance." Fortunately, though, a little make-out session under the White House stairs may be the most difficult issue Obama has to confront as president: Hoffman says since Obama will be 44th president and "44" is a lucky number, it's his destiny to be a successful president! So if you're looking for something to hang your hope on, well, there you go.

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