Remember Stephany Her RoyalHighness, that incoming Princeton freshman who wrote that batshit Nietzschian Facebook letter to the Class of 2012? No? Let's refresh: "We are the anti-Christs to save the world from the mercy of God, the self-pity that festers within the masses," was a key sentence. And: "Religion is the opiate of the masses, so drug them until they are nothing but slaves at your will." Hey, turns out Stephany — last name Xu — is a product of our nation's dying Catholic schools! Stephany — who plans to maybe major in child psychology to help abused and neglected children! — was salutatorian at John Paul II High School in Plano, Texas. (Motto: Seek To Serve.) That's her in uniform above! She even gave a slightly more Jesus-compliant version of her screed in her graduation speech:From a tipster:

"As we progress, let us remember every mistake, every memory and every dream…everything that made us who we are today. The mistakes transform us into bigger people; the memories get us out of hard times; and the dreams become realities."

Which totally echoes the part of her letter where she was all "Take pride in every little mistake, every little stumble because it just means it won't happen again"! She just left out the parts about tantric sex, broken condoms, the "divinity" of Princeton students, bloody lips, Napoleon, Hitler, "merciless beating", saving the world from God's mercy, making other people into slaves, etc. Oh yeah, and probably also this part.

Boys and Girls, there are no rules to this game. Someone crosses you? It's BURN BITCH BURN.

Ha ha ha in HELL, Stephany Xu! Seriously though… any exurban high school experience can lead a trench coat-MMORPG-bipolar kid on Accutane to think he's some sort of Nietzshian Antichrist, but to do the same to a supercute, well-adjusted girl with perfect grades? That takes religion. College OTR John Paul II High School Boasts Future Leaders [People Newspapers]