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• One of Martha Stewart's former "prison pals" says she recently approached the domestic diva for help with her medical bills and all she got in return was an autographed photo. So now she's making money the old-fashioned way: She's spilling details on Martha's time behind bars to the National Enquirer. [NE]
Speed the Plow's backers say they've had Jeremy Piven tested for mercury poisoning by a second doctor, and may sue him if the results come back negative. [NYP]
• Nevan Donahue, Olivia Palermo's annoying cousin and a regular on The City, was busted for trying to pick up a prostitute in Palm Beach in 2007, and has a warrant out for his arrest. [P6]

• Oprah may or may not be hosting a secret inauguration party in DC. Either way, you're probably not invited. [P6, OK!]
Jay-Z and Bruce Springsteen have both signed on to play pre-inauguration parties. [RS, NYDN]
• One of Brad Pitt's Benjamin Button co-stars repeatedly referred to Brad as Angelina Jolie's "husband," which either means they're secretly married or the actress misspoke. [The Sun]
• Taylor Momsen acted like a big celeb at a restaurant in Maryland even though most people in the room didn't even know who she was. [P6]
• Jennifer Aniston wrote John Mayer a poem for Christmas, which he turned into a song and played for her on New Year's. How touching. [Star]
Anne Hathaway must be getting serious with her new boyfriend, Adam Shulman, since she's taking him as her date to awards shows and whatnot. [E!]
• Roseanne Barr called Israel a "Nazi state" on her blog, or something like that. [P6]
• Lily Allen has been spotted wearing an engagement ring. [ThisIsLondon]
• Michael Jackson has a new $100K-per-month home in LA. [E!]
• Tori Spelling might be appearing on the new 90210. [E!]