So remember how heiress Courtenay Semel made out with reality TV star Tila Tequila in a bar recently, and famous lesbian couple Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson sat there laughing at them the whole time? No?? Your loss. Anyway, the whole thing is sort of funny in retrospect, because it turns out Lohan dated Semel before she famously edged out of the closet recently with public displays of affection for Ronson. And Ronson kind of stole Lohan away, according to a salacious British tabloid report:

At one stage, the friend added, both Courtenay and Samantha were separately visiting Lindsay at a rehab unit called Promises.

The pal went on: "By now Lindsay was sending ‘I love you' notes to Samantha and signing them ‘Lindsay Ronson' but telling Courtenay she loved her too."

By October, Courtenay appeared to have the upper hand. She and Lindsay moved into a rented house in Beverly Hills. "But still Lindsay brought men back," the pal added. "Courtenay would throw fits of rage, writing her hundreds of angry e-mails from another room in the house.

"The sexual attraction between them was electric though and they'd still kiss and make up."

Eventually, Semel moved out and Lohan ended up with with Ronson. In this light, Semel's makeout with Tequila could be seen as kind of a sad attempt to get attention from her long-rumored ex.

The truly sad part of the tabloid report, though, is its assertion that Lohan devolved into drug addiction amid her relationship with Semel because she didn't know how to cope with her lesbianism. Her father Michael, from whom she is estranged, is a devout Christian and skittish about homosexuality, which might have left Lohan without a support network. Against this backdrop, Lohan's recent defacto coming out looks both genuine and necessary for her health.

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