Electronic Arts deigns to view Take-Two's PowerPoint deck After Electronic Arts said it will not renew its takeover bid for videogame house Take-Two, Take-Two chairman Strauss Zelnick wrote EA CEO John Riccitiello a letter asking if his company could please present itself to EA management before it makes any final decisions. Riccitiello relented. Zelnick's goal: Convinve EA to raise its current offer to buy Take-Two from $25.74 per share, a price Zelnick says "undervalues Take-Two's franchise and financial performance." For his part, Riccitiello announced over the weekend EA would allow its bid to lapse this evening because it would be impossible to get any deal done before the start of the holiday shopping season. Take-Two shares are down 2.5 percent on today's trading. We always thought PowerPoint was a bit of a buzzkill.