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It's been a rough few months for Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe; not only was his sixth Potter film delayed until next year (causing a Time Warner headache), but blame for the hasty move fell on his bare shoulders. Now, though, Radcliffe has played his trump card: a sympathy-inducing medical condition that would make even Voldemort lay off the kid for a while. Says the NY Daily News:

Daniel Radcliffe often has trouble tying his shoelaces thanks to a brain disorder, the "Harry Potter" star has revealed.

The actor, 19, has dyspraxia, a condition that can cause problems with coordination. "I sometimes think, 'Why, oh why, has Velcro not taken off?' " he joked to Britain's Daily Mail newspaper. Radcliffe also revealed that he decided to become an actor partly because he had trouble in school due to dyspraxia.

His frightening battle with shoelaces (heretofore known as "That Which Must Not Be Named") aside, at least Radcliffe can console himself with his piles and piles of cold, hard, tween cash. Sure, Zac Efron may be able to lace up his own Jordans, but Radcliffe can afford to actually buy the basketball player (with enough money left over to take Hermione on a Hogsmeade shopping spree).