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When America rains death from above, it gets messy. The bloody masses of maimed civilians, the lingering radiation from depleted uranium casings, not to mention our signature calling cards — live cluster bomb shells and shrapnel. Lots of shrapnel. Thanks to engineers at Boeing, Team USA may have solved that "problem" with lasers. And they won't just be mounted in planes: A "Laser Avenger" system is being tested which would mount on a Humvee, thereby creating the greatest thing to wildly fire in a drunken stupor ever (and God help us when we make humanity's final, fatal flaw and put them in the hands of the robots instead). Best part?It's silent, deadly and leaves no trace, making it the ultimate in plausibly deniable weapons for the discrete diplomat. Except for a brief vacuum some guy our intelligence apparatus mistook for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad used to be, there will be nothing left to have to explain. Of course, the photographs from the Air Force are all fictions, because you wouldn't actually see the laser necessarily. So who's winning the Photoshop proganda war now, suckers?