'Voltron: Languishing In Turnaround' Just Doesn't Have The Kick Of 'Defender Of The Universe' · Voltron: Defender of the Universe , a movie based on the greatest single achievement in Toy-Commercial- Loosely-Dressed -Up-As -Saturday-Morning -Cartoon History, has been put into the dreaded turnaround until a more affordable means of convincingly depicting giant fucking robot lions is devised. [Variety ] · "Plunging sales, recession fears and spiking gasoline prices" are being blamed for GM's decision to pull out of sponsoring this year's Oscars, a polite way of saying, "Look—50-year-old gay men just don't buy heavy-duty trucks." [Variety ] ·The Banana Splits —your grandparents' favorite cartoon rock band!—are making a big comeback in a "multiplatform effort" that will put them front and center on your cellphone wallpaper or something. [Variety ] ·Cowboy Curtis Investigation is official: Lawrence Fishburne has signed on as the lead on CSI ! Turn the black light on the Playhouse—there's bound to be some kind of evidence on Chairy's upholstery. [THR] ·Freaks and Geeks /Bones star and screenwriter John Francis Daley and his partner Jonathan Goldstein have been hiring to rewrite Burt Dickenson, Most Powerful Magician on the Planet Earth . Obviously, Judd Apatow was born with a talent-divining rod in his pants. [THR ]