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· Voltron: Defender of the Universe, a movie based on the greatest single achievement in Toy-Commercial- Loosely-Dressed -Up-As -Saturday-Morning -Cartoon History, has been put into the dreaded turnaround until a more affordable means of convincingly depicting giant fucking robot lions is devised. [Variety] · "Plunging sales, recession fears and spiking gasoline prices" are being blamed for GM's decision to pull out of sponsoring this year's Oscars, a polite way of saying, "Look—50-year-old gay men just don't buy heavy-duty trucks." [Variety] ·The Banana Splits—your grandparents' favorite cartoon rock band!—are making a big comeback in a "multiplatform effort" that will put them front and center on your cellphone wallpaper or something. [Variety] ·Cowboy Curtis Investigation is official: Lawrence Fishburne has signed on as the lead on CSI! Turn the black light on the Playhouse—there's bound to be some kind of evidence on Chairy's upholstery. [THR] ·Freaks and Geeks/Bones star and screenwriter John Francis Daley and his partner Jonathan Goldstein have been hiring to rewrite Burt Dickenson, Most Powerful Magician on the Planet Earth. Obviously, Judd Apatow was born with a talent-divining rod in his pants. [THR]