While The Hills star Audrina Patridge launched an exciting, product placement-filled blog during her summer vacation, costar Heidi Montag has mostly laid low, content to let boyfriend Spencer Pratt soak up the slings and arrows for a few months. Now, with the season four premiere set to air on MTV tonight, Montag has emerged like a gator from the water, opening her fearsome jaw not to chomp on some unlucky water fowl but to let fly the synthesized tones of her brand-new single, "Overdosin'" (excerpted after the jump!). Says Us Weekly:

"Overdosin'" is about "when you fall in love with someone... and [you're] just overdosing off of their love," she said on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM morning show.

However, according to Us readers, the song is about something else entirely: the chance for commenters to construct a play on words using nothing but the title of the song! To wit:

Whoever wrote that song was overdosing on something.

overdosin' on stupidness

i agree this song and all of her other songs make me want to overdose too!!

Her canny strategy to generate blog comments now vindicated, Montag immediately went to work on her next single: "Overdosin' 2: Boobs, Fights & Sex Boogaloo!"