How many, how many articles have been written about the semi-colon in the last six months? A brief history of 2008: the media can't stop writing about semicolons. The New York Times notably got excited in February when they saw some MTA signage properly punctuated; of course, there were also articles bemoaning the decline of the semicolon; there's also a hoo-ha in France about the mightiest form of punctuation. Last week's Boston Globe piece—possibly the nadir of the genre—is titled, "Sex and the Semicolon." Let's chronicle the semicolon trend piece in 2008:April 4, the Guardian: "An elegant pause - or merely a 'pretentious comma'?: For and against the semicolon: The end of the line?" April 6, Sunday Telegraph: "Punctuation is not a political issue; or is it?" April 25, the Guardian Weekly: "Jon Henley examines claims that the French semicolon has been rubbed out by Anglo influences" May 2008, in Corporate Writer & Editor: "Why writers need the semicolon; The semicolon is mysterious, but it provides a much needed wink, pause and reflection." May 12 in New York Mag: "Anarchy and Semicolons; A novel in which a punctuation mark could almost be called destiny." June 20, in Slate: " ; ( " June 27 in Slate: "A Punctuation Nation Speaks Out" And finally: August 10, Boston Globe: "Sex and the Semicolon"