The first time Young Manhattanite asked All the Sad Young Literary Men novelist Keith Gessen for an interview, it didn't go so well. "You pussy," the n+1 editor responded in an epic fail of keeping his cool. ("That's pathetic," he responded when we asked him to explain.) But it looks like they've kissed and made up—or maybe Gessen is just wanting to promote his reading tonight—because ol' Keith has agreed to an e-mail Q&A. He's moving back to Russia! Other revelations:Paraphrased: Everyone is wrong, nobody understands, especially in how they interpret his book, people like us misconstrue things, not that they've read it (even though I have, several times); but anyway, "I think I've said this before but it bears repeating, the book I wrote, and the work I do in general, it's meant for a large audience." Neg! (Even though only about 7,500 copies are distributed of each issue of n+1.)

And so given all that, given that my target audience was *everyone under 40*, when a site like Gawker—which, let's not exaggerate the size of Gawker, those 16 million pageviews are largely generated by about 100 people clicking on the comments over and over and over again

Hah, maybe! But! Keith still manages to mention this website one dozen times in the interview. Looks like somebody has a hate-crush! [Young Manhattanite]

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