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Kapow Coffee baristas have collected hundreds of signatures on a petition to erect a 300-foot statue of billionaire Microsoft co-founder turned real estate developer Paul Allen in Kapow's South Lake Union neighborhood. It's a backhanded prank: Allen's development firm Vulcan owns about a third of South Lake Union and has been relentlessly gentrifying the place. Kapow's rent has tripled in recent years. It's not their first poke in Allen's eye. After he convinced city officials to provide a South Lake Union trolley service, Kapow's staff stuck the streetcars with the nickname "S.L.U.T." On the statue plan, Allen made the faux pas of letting a spokeswoman handle reporters for him. Come on, big guy, go down there and order a triple shot. They'll be eating out of your hand in ten minutes. (Original photo by Randy Wick)