We apologize for being late arrivals on the Wendy Williams train — in all fairness, it's a ride that ends more often in trainwreck than not. But oh, what a glorious trainwreck it usually is! The gossipy radio doyenne is nearing the end of her six-week tryout as a TV talk show host (and was just picked up for a nationwide run by Fox) and though Williams never been one to self-censor, she's really hit her gasp-inducing stride during the final stretch. Watch as she discusses Christina Applegate's recent mastectomy, free-associating until she remembers that Applegate is friends with Jennifer Aniston, a Williams bête noire. Her ensuing advice leaves no Must-See TV star unscathed (and even freaks out the audience a little). John Mayer: your rebuttal, please? [The Wendy Williams Show]