Ha ha ha, the nation's second largest newspaper made an embarrassing basic tech fuckup! In an email to subscribers this afternoon, the Wall Street Journal included one of its signature market-moving stock market columns, published at 5:04 p.m. Wait, but they usually embargo "Heard On The Street" until morning! Well, it's pretty clear from the headline, "TEST TEST Duke Hits A Ditch," that the story wasn't quite ready for the proverbial prime time! But the subhead is clearly written: "The troubles at Duke are mounting. Is it too early to buy?" Did the Journal just send lucky subscribers a sneak preview of tomorrow's advice?Um, judging from this here chart, Duke's troubles started "mounting" awhile ago. But from what I hear of morale over at the Journal these days you could probably find another financial reporter willing to tip you off every day for about thirty grand. Just remember, cubs, you aren't allowed to profit off the confessional memoir when you do that so… probs better off just getting into crack.